A solo survival horror zine game 🧟
A short mystery and murder game on a train πŸš‚ [EN]
A thrilling solo adventure played with 18 cards "In-Hand" 🌊
An adventure of vampires and cyberpunk dystopia πŸ§›
Post-apocalyptic survival journaling game πŸ’€
Uma expansΓ£o nΓ£o oficial Supernatural para Eldritch Horror πŸ™
A cozy camp & weird tales journaling game πŸŒ™
A shared universe and fast play system to ttrpg & journaling 🌠
A supplement to the solo game JISOTU🏞️
Exploration and mysteries. A solo journaling adventure ✨
A short strategy game inspired by the Cyberpunk universe πŸ€–